02/07/14 Kandice B.

I left my first visit without a migraine and I haven’t had one since. It took some time for my body to feel back to normal and for the vision to heal itself, but the pain was gone!

11/05/13 Sherry F.

With the help of Dr. Baggio, I was able to get back to normal activities and did not have to rely on pain killers to function through my day and night.

10/22/13 Nicole B.

I figured I had nothing to lose if I try. I was amazed how something so simple to do would change my life! I’m so glad I chose Dr. Baggio!

09/30/13 Chris N.

What I didn’t expect was to have my weekly headaches disappear & my digestion improve greatly. Prior to chiropractic care, I had once a week bowel movements, now it’s 3-4 times a week. I feel so much better all around.

09/30/13 Marion D.

With chiropractic care I can now walk without a cane and do everything I did before. I can bring my coffee cup to the table without spilling and I am thankful for this every day.

09/09/13 Linda H.

Dr. Jim’s office has great energy! I have never felt stupid asking any questions. They are very compassionate and seem to go above/beyond to make sure you get the best care/results possible.

09/04/13 Chris B.

My dizziness has gone away!

09/04/13 Julie B.

I no longer get colds all winter.

08/30/13 Peggy

I no longer have pain. My posture, breathing, and attitude have improved tremendously. I now know how it should feel to be pain-free and this gives me a gauge to know when my body needs to be realigned.

08/28/13 Jackie F.

I went from “no” range of motion to full range of motion in a very short time thanks to Dr Jim. My shoulder pain is gone and I can ride my Harley again!

08/26/13 Jordan S.

When I met Dr. Jim, I was a heavy “user” of modern intoxicants. Now I am not. Baggio’s care is an enormous part of my “shift to wellness”.