Office Tour

Welcome to Baggio Chiropractic!

For the past 22 years we’ve been located at 6528 S. 108th St. in Franklin. When you need us, we’ll be here to help!

You’ll be greeted by our Kinsy, our Superstar Office Manager or Jackie, our Rockstar Chiropractic Assistant! They’re just a little camera shy at the moment!!

A Comfy place to fill out some PaperFUN! (Because paperWORK is no fun!) After all, it’s the first step in your return to health!

We have an on site x-ray facility to expedite your return to good health!

A computerized analysis of your nervous system will be performed (simple and pain free, guaranteed!). The Lower left screenshot is what a healthy functioning nervous system looks like on this test. Colored bars and spikes are all red flags of pinched nerves and a nervous system that is out of balance.

Your return to Wellness will begin in Adjusting room #1 or…

…Adjusting room #2

Dr. Jim is an experienced expert in performing Instrument assisted adjustments. No need for concerns about “Twisting & Cracking”, it doesn’t happen here!